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Miss Oregon Job's Daughter


Miss Oregon Job's Daughter


Rhionna W

The Miss Oregon Job's Daughter (MOJD) is a member who is selected to act as a representative of Oregon Job's Daughters to the public and other Masonic  organizations.

The Miss Oregon Job's Daughter is selected for a year-long term through a rigorous pageant process — but not a beauty pageant like you might be imagining. This pageant tests its participants on the history of JDI, Ritual knowledge and recitation, personal interview, stage performance, and an extemporaneous final question. A Miss Oregon Job's Daughter has truly earned her position when she is crowned.

Not only does the pageant prepare the Miss Oregon for the duties of the position, it also prepares her for the Miss International Job's Daughter (MIJD) pageant each summer where she competes against approximately 30 other Misses. Oregon is proud to support our Miss at the MIJD pageant and throughout the year as she represents our jurisdiction with grace, dignity, and poise. 






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