Information was prepared for our 40th Anniversary, April 15th 2012

This is the night I have been waiting and hoping for, for over a year.
Where do I begin? There is so much to tell. Sometime during the Spring of 1971 the Grand Guardian Council Promotion Committee approached the Masons of Champoeg Masonic Lodge about sponsoring a bethel. Some of those early adults were Mr. and Mrs. Mac Owens, and Mrs. Myrl Reardon. Six daughters were recruited with connections to Canby to join Bethel #57 in Gladstone. They were initiated on October 25th, 1971 at the Champoeg Masonic Temple with close to 100 people in attendance. The Daughters met with them until the new bethel was formed. Those Girls were Deborah Chapin, Cindy Barnett, Pam Campbell, Michele Miles, Jean Campbell and Anna Chapin.

During the winter and spring of 1972 more and more daughters and adults came together to form Bethel UD. The Council members were recruited from the parents of the members and majority members in the community.

Twenty Five Daughters were required to institute a new bethel at one point in time and we stalled at 24. Mrs. Chapin then went to her second cousin and asked that her daughter join. By the time we were ready to institute the Bethel on April 15, there were 26 daughters, a mix of girls who affiliated from other bethels and new daughters. The initiation, institution, and installation of the daughters took place at Canby Grade School, now William Knight Elementary on April 15.

The Guardian Council was installed by the Grand Guardian and her officers. Pam Johnson was installed our First Honored Queen.