I was HQ Jan-June 1981.  In those days, there were 3 bethels in Medford and several in the nearby towns.  We were always doing things together even though we did have our little rivalries.  I remember attending my first dance at the age of 11 and being scared to death that a boy would talk to me, or God forbid, ask me to dance!!!


I have great memories of Grand Session.  Getting to go places and meet other girls was great.  One year I was even chosen as GB Chaplin – that was a wonderful year.  One of my favorite things was making favors and exchanging them with girls from other bethels at breakfast.  We usually made something that had to do with our area of the state.  We also wore matching dresses. The current HQ would pick a pattern and material and we’d all have dresses made.


Some of our traditions were kidnap breakfasts, progressive dinners (you go to a different house for each course), the newly installed Marshall had to wear a bib and carry a rattle and binky with her, secret dads, serving Easter Sunday breakfast to the Scottish Rite, working the hat and coat check room for the Shriner’s New Years Ball (man, did those guys know how to party!!) and of course, doing things with the DeMolay!! 


Speaking of DeMolay, one of the cutest one’s was Tom Dobson and he just happened to be MC during my HQ installation – all the girls were jealous that I got a kiss on the cheek from him!!!


I’m saddened to see all of the Bethel’s that have closed.  Jobs was such an important part of my young life and especially these days, girls need the kind of role models that Jobs offers.  AND, where else can you dress up like a princess (or Queen!), wearing a beautiful gown and tiara, and go out in public without looking weird?  My daughter just turned 11 and I hope that she will join and love it as much as I did (that would be 3 generations of Jobies, my mom was in Bethel 14).


Thanks for doing this; I loved reading about all the memories!!


Lori (Burch) Kipp