There were three Bethels in Medford when I was HQ in June 1971. They were Bethel 14, 55 and 69. I was the HQ of Bethel 55. One year after I was HQ all three Bethels had HQ’s that were named Sue. Bethel 14 was Sue Pitts, Bethel 55 was Sue Lockhart and Bethel 69 was Sue Shaw. The DeMolay was very active and we had many different activates together including dances and helping at each others installations. Each Bethel and councils had their own traditions. We were always having fun events and traveling to different Bethels in our area. One of the fun money making projects was when we would go over and work in the food booth in Ashland at the Elizabethan Stage thru Bethel 22. We had to be completely shut down and quiet by the time the first act came on and then you could watch the play.   

Every year, Bethel 55 would have a Cotton Candy sale during the Pear Blossom Parade. The booth was always set up in front of Lawrence Jewelry Store. The Masons in our temple were very supportive, we had Secret Dads, they would come to our meetings and we would make them cookies and they sometimes would bring us presents or flowers when they came to our meetings to visit. We always made a point of introducing them and then at the end of each Honored Queens term we would have big dinner to reveal each other.

When I first joined Job's Daughters, the Medford Masonic Temple was in downtown Medford on Main St; the building was huge, dark, scary and old! That would be to a 12 year old girl. There was a huge set of stairs that went up to the first floor. The first level was the dinning room, kitchen and dressing room. The second floor was the Bethel Room, restroom and there was another room that we weren’t allowed in as it was where the Mason’s kept there items. When they tore down the building on Main St and before the new Medford Masonic Temple was built out on Barnett Rd, we met in a small building also on Main St. The building was located above a Billiards Hall. It was interesting when it was real quiet (like during a prayer) you could hear someone braking the balls downstairs. The other problem for my Mom was a barber shop that was located next door, Dave's Pad, that was owned by the father of a guy I graduated from high school with and Mom found me one too many times in my robe, cap and crown sitting in his chair talking to him. She was not happy with me!